EnviroTest Ltd.

Coatings characterized as being "radiation activated" or "radiation cured" are an integral part of many modern printing processes. Since "radiation" is usually associated with rather severe adverse effects, most notably cancers and birth defects, most workers are hesitant or anxious about using such coatings or being involved with such processes. Although usually not explicitly identified, the radiation in question is almost exclusively ultraviolet radiation produced by lamps which also generate substantial emissions in the visible part of the spectrum. In the face of heightened concerns whenever "radiation" is deemed to be present, even small "leaks", evidenced by strong visible emissions, are viewed with suspicion, apprehension and concern.

RHSC carried out measurements in the vicinity of several printing presses to establish whether or not emissions of visible light observed near them might be accompanied by ultraviolet emissions sufficient to result in worker exposures in excess of recommended limits. RHSC reported on the measurement results discussing the significance of the observed levels comparing them to levels in other occupational, commercial and residential environments.

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